The Case for Mitt Romney

by Joshua Mertzlufft
‘Boldly cautious’ is the phrase that I would use to best describe the campaign for president that has been led by Willard Mitt Romney. He has proven to be a leader that the average working class American can rally around because of his goal of solving the puzzle that is our economy.

Mitt has been extremely bold throughout this campaign season, acting not simply like a candidate trying to gain popularity, but rather in a very presidential manner. His statements on major issues that occur, his demeanor both in public and in official debates, and his treatment of foreign policy show his ability to fill the role.  He has also held an unusually high level of respect for his opponent, although what he receives in return is a constant character assault. Romney has shown that he knows what he’s getting into and that he could handle the presidency well.

Romney certainly hasn’t hidden the fact that he has had an extremely successful business career, and that he wants to apply business principles to the federal government, such as balancing budgets by reducing overhead and unnecessary programs. For anyone, seeing that the nation is moving down a road to financial instability, it would be wise for the next president to prioritize the stability of the dollar and the economy that backs it.

He also proved bold in his ideas to mend the economy, refusing to support tax rate increases.  Even his VP pick, Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, shows that he’s truly placing the economy and the shrinking of the government at the top of his list. The shrinking of the government is something that is absolutely crucial if one wishes to see the overspending eliminated. Yes, one can argue that increasing the tax rate can help reign in the deficit, but anyone who observes history knows that as soon as the government gets more money, it’ll use it to justify an increase in spending rather than using it to eliminate the deficit. This is why Mitt has been correct to say that raising the taxes will not help get our nation out of the hole we are digging.

Romney has not been making abstract or unreal promises to the electorate or attacking his opponent in ways that irrelevant to the election or the presidency. Sure, he’s said things like the old ‘on my first day in office’ phrase, but what has always followed has been something that he can do on his first day in office, such as seeking tax cuts, treating China as the rule bender it is, and repealing Obamacare. The former two of these are easy. They only take a simple statement. The latter is a more intricate situation and it takes a greater understanding of the American government to see how a president can ‘dis-implement’ a law. Simply put, the legislative branch makes the law and then the executive branch chooses to enforce the law. Should the executive branch choose not to implement, even if the bill is already signed, it would take a great movement in the political world to overrule the non-implementation.  This great movement is something that Romney knows would not succeed even if someone did try to start it, so he would be able to effectively repeal Obamacare.

I would like to take a moment to dispel a major myth being popularized by his opponent. Romney is not a ‘stingy rich guy’ that does everything in his power to avoid taxes. In fact, by performing even minimal investigation of the man’s history, you can find that he is quite the opposite. Sure, he did only have about fourteen percent of his income paid as his federal income tax last year, but by simply asking why, you can find that he donated thirty percent of his income to charity and only claimed half of that donation total for the associated tax deduction, therefore paying more in taxes than he technically could have.  Between taxes and his charitable contributions, he only keeps about half of his total income. I don’t think anyone can count that as unfair; after all, most Americans won’t even give a full tithe at church on Sunday. Time and time again his character is that of a generous man and a good steward of his assets.  You can tell that you have a good candidate on your hands when his opponents and the media try to make overwhelming deals out of miniscule slips or non-issues.

Federal taxes withheld from my paycheck have increased over the last two years while I’ve continued to make the same amount and remained a college student, so you understand that I’m not earning anything close to the seemingly lofty poverty line. That’s proof that taxes don’t just go up for the wealthy. The nation really could use a president whose primary goal is to make room for the American economy by getting the government out of the way.  We need someone who holds themselves to their beliefs and won’t change once in office. Mitt Romney has shown that if elected, he will be that president.

Josh Mertzlufft is senior physics major


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