Is It “I Do” … Or What I Didn’t Do?

There are very few shows I DVR on television, as the selections are slim pickings these days.  They are Duck Dynasty,  Last Man Standing, Say Yes to the Dress (NY and Atlanta) and Four Weddings.

Four Weddings is a show where four brides who don’t know each other go to each other’s weddings and judge them in different areas (i.e. dress, venue, food, etc.).  Whoever scores the most points wins a honeymoon.   For the amount of money that is spent on some of these shindigs, it boggles the mind that they have to enter a contest to try and win a honeymoon.  Which begs the question of any reality show, “why are you REALLY doing this?”  I think we all know the answer.  That being said, if my wedding 23+ years ago was being judged by the standards of this show, I would have been the first contestant to come out scoring in the negative.

They have expanded this show to areas other than New York City and Jersey, which is a good thing because some of these brides are B-R-U-T-A-L.    I found that the Boston area, California and southern brides were the kindest towards one another.

Let’s start with the dress.  I first saw my dress in a Brides magazine, found out where it was sold locally and took at trip to the Wedding Gallery, a store that when I drove by years later was turned into a fish taco place.  It was the first dress I tried on and the one I ended up buying myself for $500.  The average dress on these shows is around $2,000-$5,000, although there are many that are upwards of $10,000+ and many where the brides want multiple dresses for the day.  Strapless was unheard of in the 80’s and now you’re considered “old-fashioned” if you don’t have enough skin or your figure showing.  Nothing says beauty and grace like asking the bride how she wants to look on her day and she replies, “sexy”.  Really?  No offense, but I don’t care to see your valleys and alleys as you’re walking down the aisle or out on the dance floor.  Save that for your husband and spare us the show please.  My three daughters all know how I feel about this. They know I have absolutely no problem with strapless dresses at a certain age and as long as I don’t see their “business” we’re cool.

I watched a Say Yes to Dress episode quite some time ago where a young bride had augmentation done JUST for her wedding, waited until 5 months before the big day to get a dress and was quite distressed when told that the sample dresses (which she had to choose from for time purposes) were mostly B cup sizes and didn’t come in DD.  She was distressed because it was most imperative that she be able to “show off” her “ladies”, as she called them.  I about gagged.  Where have we come as a society when the goal of finding a wedding dress includes showing your “ladies” off.  What are we mothers raising?

Did you know many weddings have themes now?  If so, mine would have been standard minimalist, competing with the likes of Hollywood Glam, Country Chic, Tree Hugger Extraordinaire, etc.

Cocktail hour … well, I don’t know where to begin on this one; big hairy deal apparently. These days you can have your own signature drink created and made available to your guests.  Now I don’t agree with a cash bar, however, if you come to a wedding where the comments are that you can’t have a good time because there is no alcohol, perhaps you have other issues.  I must say there is nothing classier than guests in a drunken stupor at your celebration and even more so, a drunk bride and/or groom.  In addition to the beverages, many of these receptions have full-on hors’ d oeuvres and carving stations, something that would resemble a buffet dinner somewhere else.  I’m guessing my veggie platter and cheese and cracker platter would have been a sure flunk!

As mentioned above, food is a big hairy deal.  I’ve told myself that when my children take the plunge, food must be a priority.  It’s nice to see on this show that they still have buffet, family style and sit down options.  The buffet doesn’t score big period, unless the food choices are exceptional and HOT.  Some of these brides had never heard of family style, which is what I had, and sit down, the most expensive option to have and which seems to be the favorite with the caveat that the food must be five-star.

Most brides on this show frown upon live music.  Guess that leaves the Polka band out!  DJs are in, but they must know how to get people out on the dance floor, because nothing says reception flop like an empty dance floor.  Thank goodness my dance area was so small that it appeared full most of the time.  I did like our DJ because he played real music, not music that guests felt the need to bump and grind to.  I’m sure grandmas and grandpas would appreciate not seeing that display!

Entertainment does not necessarily include the music these days.  Apparently it’s common to have special guests at your event.  You can have impersonators, belly dancers, acrobats, fireworks, flash mobs, etc.  Who knew? I guess we must be constantly entertained because of our short attention spans.

It’s fascinating to see where these brides (and grooms although we never see them) decide to spend the money on this one-day event.  You’re judged harshly if you don’t have enough flowers (and don’t even think about having fake flowers) or if you don’t pull you theme off.  I, the minimalist, can fix that, don’t have a theme!  See, I was ahead of my time. One episode had a $160,000 price tag on the event, the most expensive of the four weddings in this particular competition.  She was the most opinionated of the brides and despite all of her attention to detail, did not win and actually came in last place.  How’s that for a kick in the chops?  Her one-day event cost twice as much as my first house! And her husband joked during their vows about sleeping in his car to pay for the day.

Now let’s get to the last portion which should be the first portion … the actual ceremony, you know, the portion which actually legalizes the union.  Prepare to be judged if your ceremony is (1) in a church, (2) in a church or other venue with a long service, (3) in a church or venue where the officiate speaks in a foreign language such as Greek or Latin, (4) in a church or other venue without much décor.  Notice a theme here?  Don’t get me started on making your guests suffer through a ceremony lacking air conditioning or worse yet, having an outdoor wedding! We’re not spoiled, are we?

It’s a shame that we’ve grown up in such a self-centered world and we think the world revolves around us, especially on this special day.  Do we raise our daughters to believe that this day is all about them instead of being about their commitment to their future husband? Believe me, if during your planning, you think that your guests will remember everything about your wedding, trust me, they won’t.  Remember, we have very short attention spans. It’s a very important day in your life, a day to receive God’s gift to us, His covenant of marriage. Your guests are mere witnesses to this important covenant.  My husband kept telling me not to focus so much on the day but rather our lives afterwards, but I was a naïve 21-year-old and didn’t listen. And therefore, the day after I thought, “Now what do I do?”

I guess it was to think about everything I didn’t do?


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